No Check-Ups For Now

I've been back in Manila for more than a week now.  Despite the constant reminders of my mother, I still haven't been to my doctor yet for a visit.  It's not really mandatory for me to come see my physician everytime I come home from a foreign assignment, but my relatives I guess want to be sure that I'm still fine and they don't see another episode of what happened to me last May.  I feel fine.  Some people say I grew thin, some say I grew fatter but the general consensus is that I look a-O.K..  I guess that's a source of comfort for now.  Actually since I got back I've been staying up late again, either due to traffic going home, or parties and dinners I've been going to with officemates and friends.  I haven't really regained the lost sleep I had on the flight home from Paris.  Compound that with the little amount of sleep I've been getting these past days and I'm pretty sure I won't have "acceptable" urinalysis, CBC, and ESR lab results.  So I think it's better that I don't see my doctor for a while.  In any case, I think she'll be on Christmas vacation too.