Two Trips To The Clinic.

As of this post, I have been to my doctor two times already since my last post.

The first time was the regular routinary check-up, where I go to my doctor with a set of lab results in hand that indicate I'm as normal as I can be, and there's no need to worry.  Well, there is some cause for concern.  I lost weight, as if that was possible.  The weighing scale doesn't lie though.  My doctor already told me that I am in danger of having osteoporosis.  She's scheduling me for a bone-density test in August, just before my birthday.  Oh well.

The second time was unplanned, for a sudden bout with colds and cough, for which I was the first in line, only to be made the last because my doctor ordered me to go out (and not come back until I have) to get blood lab results.  Anyway, the cold and cough was later on diagnosed as viral.  Nothing to fear.