I just came from my doctor.  Two doctors, actually.  One is my rehab doctor for my back problem, who just discharged me from physical therapy.  The other is my doctor of 15 years who's been looking after my SLE condition.  My total medical bill for today ran almost three thousand eight hundred pesos.  All in one day!  It included my rehab doctor's professional fee, the fee for my last physical therapy, anti-influenza and anti-pneumonia vaccinations and my SLE doctor's professional fee for the vaccination.  Am I glad my SLE doctor waived her professional fee for my check-up.  Otherwise, the three thousand peso withdrawal I made from my ATM just this morning wouldn't have been enough, and I'd have to skip blogging to another day.  *Sigh*.  Sometimes I feel that this condition of mine is one of God's mechanism to put my in my place, to remind me that no matter how much I earn, I'll have to be more conscious and save some more than I ought to.  I often think about those not really earning as much as I do (low as my salary is), especially the senior citizens.  Medical care and treatment is very very expensive these days.  My doctor is a rheumatologist and her lowest professional fee doesn't go below five hundred pesos per visit.  Imagine all those old folks who experience joint and muscle pains due to old age, and they don't have the means to consult with a good doctor as I do.  Makes me feel blessed in a way, even if I'm not THAT old yet.

Paying Up for Being Sedentary

I've just finished three weeks of physical therapy. That meant three times a week that I had to leave before lunch at work, rush all the way to the Philippine General Hospital, and have my physical therapist do the following: massage my shoulders and neck via the "ultrasound" procedure, do a warm compress with towels, and massage me further to release the stiffened muscles on my neck and upper back.  My condition did improve over the three weeks.  Now my rehab doctor says I just need to be more conscious of my posture and in stretching more.  *Sigh*. This is what I get for being such a couch potato and an office freak.  Pretty expensive, this physical therapy thing.  But then, I guess if I didn't have it, it'll be harder for me.  Hopefully this back problem doesn't happen again with the regular stretching I'm going to do.