A Visit To The Eye Doctor

After 4 years, I went back to the nearby Optometrist in town to have my eyes checked.  I actually have been just wanting to change the frame of my glasses.  There, I was told that my astigmatism shooted up, which was not normal.  The optometrist said that astigmatism usually declines as the years pass.  Then again, this is me we're talking about.  I've given up on being "normal".  Thus, my left eye now has a 200 astigmatism while my right eye has 150.  All in all, both my eyes are over 300 in grade.  The good thing about it is, I think I found a good pair of frames that will make me look like I'm not wearing glasses ( from afar of course ).  And the optometrist recommended that for those kinds of frames I use Airwear lenses: 43% lighter than normal plastic lenses, 10 times stronger though, and made from material used for space helmets and aircraft windshields.  It also cuts 100% UV and absorbs 100% of UVA and UVB radiation from sunlight.  Hell.  At least that's what the brochure says.  All this for a whooping X,XXX pesos.  I should be getting my new eyes next weekend.  Oh well.  Thank God for medical reimbursement benefits.


Getting Too Old For This

I just saw my doctor this morning, CBC and Urinalysis lab results at hand.  She wasn't really happy.  That meant I left her clinic with prescriptions similar to what she gave me last time.  That meant no decrease in dosage for Prednisone and Azathiophrine for me.  There were no decreases, only additions.  Now, aside from the usual requests for CBC and Urinalysis, I have to take tests like Cholesterol, Triglyceride, LDL, HDL, and, what's this written on the prescription, ACT?  She told me for these tests I have to fast for 10 hours before the (blood) extraction.  *sigh*.  Her reason?  "You're not exactly 21 anymore so you should be checking on these things also.  Then when I complained about my head hurting on my eyes, she recommended I do treadmills in the gym.  Imagine me, doing treadmills.  That would be a sight to see.  She said she's thinking that my head hurts because I have so many things on my mind ( how she knew that, I don't know.  She must have a spy on me in the office ) so I need to release it via running or moving.  Oh well.  We'll see.  I'll do anything to keep out of the hospital.