I just turned 29. Who would've thought that that sick boy with that half-butterfly rash on his face and falling hair in that hospital bed last 1993 would make it this far? I sure didn't. Just when I think people wrote me off as some sickly kid who would burden his family indefinitely, I got back to school. I graduate with honors. I got into stable job(s). I got to go to the United States, Singapore, Thailand, and France. Who knew I'd go that far? I guess HE did.

Thank You, my Shepherd, for blessing me this much. I have walked in the valley of the shadow of death but then You annointed my head with oil, so my cup runneth over. I have doubted You so many times but You have been faithful all this time. May I live this life You gave me and use this third chance You gave me to live a life pleasing to You.

Hymn by Jars Of Clay

Oh refuge of my hardened heart
Oh fast pursuing lover come
As angels dance 'round Your throne
My life by captured fare You own

Not silhouette of trodden faith
Nor death shall not my steps be guide
I'll pirouette upon mine grave
For in Your path I'll run and hide


Oh gaze of love so melt my pride
That I may in Your house but kneel
And in my brokenness to cry
Spring worship unto Thee

When beauty breaks the spell of pain
The bludgeoned heart shall burst in vain
But not when love be pointed king
And truth shall Thee forever reign


Sweet Jesus carry me away
From cold of night, and dust of day
In ragged hour or salt worn eye
Be my desire, my well sprung lye

[Chorus x 2]

Spring worship unto Thee
Spring worship unto Thee