This morning I'm now in the living room, eating breakfast. My request to work from home today (and other selected days of the week) got approved by my boss. So for today I'm not rushing on finishing half of my food, getting dressed and travelling 2-3 hours to the office. It's the closest compromise I can afford vs. the bedrest that my doctor is asking of me.

Definitely there will be some drawbacks in this arrangement. I won't be able to check on my project team physically. Although I have another manager there to do that. My broadband connection isn't that all too fast as well, and there's a likelihood that I'll still be working past the usual business hours.

The good part: I don't get to strain myself travelling to and fro the office; I can take naps if I want to (I just need to remember to log off from intra-office messenger); I can have my mother whip me up a snack from time to time -- since my doctor increased my prednisone dosage, I've been more hungry often.

Let's see how this arrangement goes. Hopefully it helps me get to that lab result that my doctor is looking for, so I get cleared.

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