110 Pounds Woot Woot!

Well, at the very least the corticosteroids are helping me reach my pre-SLE-reactivation goal of gaining weight. Damn, my appetite is whack these days: I used to have this great office ability to not have lunch and still survive long enough for a quick fast food dinner. Nowadays, aside from lunch I now have the urge to have snacks in between meals: most of the time McDonalds in the morning. Now everyone who sees me says I look like I gained a few pounds. In reality I really did. I'm now 110 pounds based on my last weigh-in in the bathroom. My gut is now large, and hence my office pants are a bit of a stretch, if you get my meaning. I actually had two new office pants tailored using a new larger waistline. I told my doctor about my renewed healthy appetite and she mentioned it was all in the mind. Hmm. Really? Anyway, I think eating a lot is OK, especially for an ectomorph-since-birth like me. The problem I think are the complementary activities that needs to be done to make this lifestyle healthier... like exercise.

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